Wednesday, December 30, 2015

West Stake R/S Christmas Party

These R/S parties are the greatest.  The sisters love to get up and dance and are completely uninhibited.  They learn dances, coordinate their costumes, and just have a ball.
This is one of the sister missionaries dancing with her ward relief society.  This is Betio 3rd ward.

Yet another ward led by a recently returned missionary who served here in her own stake.  Her home ward is Betio 1st and she was serving in Teaoraereke 1st (same stake) when we arrived in Tarawa.  How would some of you home towners like to serve in the Davis Co. North Mission?

This group is Teaoraereke 2nd ward.  We lived in this ward until a couple of weeks ago.  They are joined by Sis Waldron in the movie clip below. 

Sis Waldron is seated among the sisters of 2nd ward, all attending the stake function.  They do love her.

This is Teaoraereke 1st ward.  They brought dinner and ate together in the mwaniebwa after the program.

I was sitting there enjoying watching everything, including Sis Waldron, when Sister Olson turned to me and asked, "Aren't you photographing your wife?"  I hurried and grabbed the camera out and started filming the dance but was only able to catch the last few seconds.

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