Monday, December 21, 2015

Water filtration system for Red Beach Elementary

This building is the "cafeteria" for Red Beach Elementary.  In a previous project the water catchment tanks and rain guttering were donated and installed, one of which is the large tank on the right.  Left of the large tank is an elevated tank which will supply the filtration system.  They use an electric pump to fill the upper tank and the system is gravity fed from there.  The water is piped in through the wall above the window just behind the scaffold.
We have positioned the filter at the corner of the two exterior walls to protect the device from damage and we're bolting it to the wall to make it secure.  My trusty assistant is the school maintenance man.
The maintenance guy and Peter, the Country Welfare Manager, are cutting some PVC to connect the filter to the tank.
From here we must install the intake, discharge, back flush and bleeder valves to make it operational.   To the discharge valve we must also pipe the water to a tap.  Explaining this was tricky but they understood enough English it went ok.
Here is the finished unit, all decked out and ready to go.  Notice the tap on the right and the hose for back flush on the floor.  
This is one of the classrooms the SeaBees worked on.  They painted the outside and placed this divider so they can teach two classes in here.  Bare bones is the word here.
On the other side of the divider.
Another classroom
One of the older classroom buildings.
This is the restroom facility.  We have offered to build them another, similar but better designed to their needs.  This one is pretty sad.  There are just under 1000 kids in this school.  They send most (those who live closer) home to use the bathroom.  There is just no money in the budget for maintenance so when something breaks down, it just sits.  The guy helping us was a volunteer.  

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