Tuesday, December 22, 2015

We have moved to the Moroni High School Campus in Eita.

Here I am standing in front of our new apartment.  Notice we have our own garbage can (which they come and empty weekly), you can see one of our two AC units on the wall, and a solar water heater on the roof which delivers water as hot as you can stand it.

This is the view from the front door out to the street about 75 yards away.  On the right is the end of the rows of classrooms on campus and on the left is the outdoor basketball court.  There are basketball and tennis courts as well as a soccer field all on the left.

We have an ocean view out the back door.  There is a narrow covered patio we use to hang clothes.  The beach is just beyond the fence.
To our right is the other of the apartments (we are the end apartment) and, ours being a duplex, our neighbors are Elder and Sis Sumner from Uintah/So Ogden.  The furthest apartments down the line are close enough to the beach that when it is high tide and the surf is busy, it splashes up against their doors and windows.

The little walled off areas are the washrooms.  These washers are uptown, baby!  If done properly they fill the drum with water, wash, rinse and spin dry with one setting.  The capacity is a little larger, too, so we do less loads than before.  Clothes washing is a pretty speedy process now especially with hanging lines under cover to protect from frequent rains.

Sis Waldron standing at the fence with the beach and ocean in the background.

The narrow backyard looking the other way toward the school's Mwaniebwa.  It is like the cultural hall we had at the West Stake Center but about half the size.  

Sister Waldron in the kitchen.  One sink and very little counter top space but lots of nice cabinets for storage.

The bedroom is about the same as the old apartment but not divided in half for a spare bedroom, so much larger.

Actual closets on either side of the bathroom door.

We finally now have actual chests of drawers.  This apartment is much nicer from an asthetics stand point--tile floors, nice paint, vaulted ceilings, but we had gotten used to the old place and were quite comfortable there,  We were sorry to leave.  We didn't even mind that there was no hot water.  It is never below 80 degrees here; how cold do you think the water can get?  We had a tea kettle to heat water for the dishes.  This, however, is quite commodious and we are very comfortable here.  

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