Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Temwiku Branch Relief Society craft fair

When we got there, the R/S was having fun and games out on the mwaniebwa.  This sign was hung on the door into the chapel with balloons.  It was really cute.

I guess they were having a biggest loser program in the branch because this chalk board was hanging right next to the sign with everyone's weight and gain/loss recorded on the side.  There was a bathroom scale under the table on which the board was sitting.  This is in kilograms so just to give you a frame of reference; 90 kilos is roughly 200 lbs.  How many of these folks are at, near or over the 90 mark?  Because of the heavy consumption of rice, overweight is a big problem here and, more importantly, it is a precursor to diabetes.  We love that they are aware of this and trying to make some inroads in the branch.

Sis Waldron was invited to address the group and spoke briefly about self-reliance.  She indicated the table on which the crafts were displayed and told them that this is indicative of the talent in their branch and their culture.  They should start small businesses to market these skills and generate income for their families.  We met the R/S President last week and she invited us to this fair.  We were glad to come to see their cultural arts talents and even brought the other sr. missionaries.

Some of the sisters and their children in attendance.

Another shot of Sis Waldron with the cute sign in the rear and the crafts table immediately behind her.

Sis Waldron is haggling over a remnant piece (rag) rug on which the lady used a plastic rice bag for the backing.  Pretty ingenious. They think Sis Waldron is wierd because she always haggles up.  It is now in the kitchen in front of the sink.

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