Tuesday, October 14, 2014

VTEP and Cultural event of 26 Sept

Today saw a fun event for Moroni High School.  The Vocational and Technical Education Program of the school put on a cultural event to show off their newly learned skills and talents.  There were eight or ten tents set up with demonstrations of various aspects of the vocational training here.  One was a tent where students were assembling a Briggs and Stratton engine--automotive shop.  Another was Home Economics with pastries for sale.  A third had fun boxes the wood shop students had made (all dove tailed corners).  But all demonstrated some aspect of the vocational training received preparatory to entering the job market.
This is one of our favorite little gals here.  She has a cute, fun personality and was one of the first sufficiently outgoing to rush up and give us a big hug, introduce herself and welcome us to Tarawa.  Her name is Teresa (Teh-reh-saw, much like Teresa in English), she is about 17, here from Christmas Island and sporting the dress she made in Home Ec.  

They had all the girls who made their own dresses model them at the opening exercises for the event.  These little gals were all dressed to the nines and all heart-breakers.

 Watch out Elders, maintain control at all times.  In the background on the right, seated, are Elder and Sister Bogh, the VTEP missionaries.  He is an old shop teacher from Mayfield and she is a homemaker.  Together they have done an incredible job setting up and coaching the vocational training at Moroni High.  From wood shop to electrical and gas motors to cooking and sewing, these students are getting the best training around.  

In these little Buias (pronounced Boo-yaw) students were demonstrating/sharing their home cultures for those at Kiribati; the kinds of homes, foods and lifestyle they enjoy at home.  This one shows a palm frond basket on the table with bread fruit and coconuts.  Bread fruit is quite yummy, by the way.

Here they are seated on banana leaves and singing with a guitar accompaniment.   

Abemama is one of the outer islands SE of Tarawa.  She has some fruit and fish on the table.  In her right hand she has a small leafy branch they use to shoo the flies.

This concession is made up like a little porch setting with a covered bench and the beach out front.  The little sign on the front says Beru, a small island further SE of Tarawa.  Not only are there students representing most of these islands here at Moroni, but there are missionaries out there preaching the gospel.  

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