Tuesday, October 14, 2014

East Stake Song Fest, 19 Sept

The song festival is a once a year deal here and a BIG deal at that.  All the wards and a branch participated and worked for weeks on their performances.  Not just the singing, they were judged on parts, creativity/choreography, arrangements, etc.  They did three numbers each and it just got wilder and crazier as it went.
This is one of the wards doing their number at the song fest.  Part of the judging (in which Sis Waldron took part) was costuming.  They looked great in their dark skirts/trousers and colorful shirts.

This was a primary group from one ward--led by a primary child.  Soooo cute.

This group was huge and chose to be seated.  Their number was very well orchestrated with a tremendous bass section--notice all the neckties on the back row.

One group showed up late but better than never.  They represented a branch located on one of the outer islands and came in on a two hour boat ride.  

This group was from Eita Ward and won the deal.  They had not only musical numbers for the song fest but had huge choreography to go along with their numbers.  My problem was I didn't think to do movie or sound.  Next time I'll bring the Church's movie camera so I can capture the real spirit of the event.  It was wonderful and very moving to hear the saints put their hearts and souls into their respective numbers.  Sorry about the lights in the back--couldn't help that.  It really fouled up most of the pictures.  These are the best.

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