Sunday, September 7, 2014

Late August--early September

Our neighbor, Ratuti, is showing Sis Waldron how to weave a basket from a palm frond

Here is the finished product.  They were both surprised at how good Sis Waldron was--multi-talanted missionary.

This is a little home, typical of the area and one of our neighbors.  We thought it an interesting contrast of old culture and new.  In the foreground you can see their car.  There is the Puia, Kiribati for home or hut, and if you can blow up the picture, the little light dot in the middle of the hut is a laptop monitor.

The day is overcast but you can see the institute on the right and the bishops' offices on the left and behind is all the classrooms for the West Stake Center.  Located in Teaoreireke, it is the home of two wards.  We attend the Teaoreireke second ward.

This is taken from the rear and you can see the manieba which serves as the cultural hall.  The chapel is located in the middle.  It is about 2/3 the size of one of ours, full of fans and open windows.  Very like attending church in a sauna.

Bairiki chapel from the causeway.  Utterly picturesque.  We had a "Rescue" here a couple of weeks ago.  The missionaries in the zone gathered and divided into small groups to go visit less active RMs and Priesthood holders.

 The western view of the same chapel.  It is out on this little jut of land out into the ocean side of the island.  Beautiful setting and a beautiful chapel.  Notice no grass--it doesn't grow here.  Lots of pretty flowers though.

This is the learning garden.  Established by the Church two years ago, it is a garden where the manager grows various vegetables and teaches people how to grow them at home.  This is supposed to help them provide a more nutritious diet and develop some self sufficiency.

We took a little excursion on the church's launch the other day.  It has twin 90 horse motors and moves out pretty good.  We went around the southern end of the atoll and visited a small sandbar that used to be an inhabited island.

The launch is named the Riaona (Liahona).


  1. Wow! That is so picturesque! You both look lovely, like all that fresh sea air is agreeing with you ;-) Thank you for sharing the pics and stories!

  2. Love the pictures! You guys look great!