Sunday, August 31, 2014

Finally, Tarawa

This is the front door to our apartment.  There is kind of a patio around this and the side in the back ground.  It is surrounded by bread fruit and coconut trees.  Our neighbor has already treated us to coconut meat and milk fresh from the trees.  Some of our neighbors are members but we don't see them in church because the Mission President assigned us to a different ward.  We live in the Taoreireke 1st ward but attend the second.  Our ward neighborhood is 1/2 mile up the street.
On our first morning here we were welcomed with a devotional and a breakfast.  They even made us crowns/leighs of fresh flowers.  We are on the front porch of the Service Center.
This is a little better picture of the SC from the front.  It is a nice building that houses about a dozen church employees that manage the administrative affairs (finance, facilities, motorpool, etc.) of the church in this part of the mission.  They have loaned us an office until ours is done.

A picture from the road looking up the "street" which is a gross exageration of the term here.  Where there is foliage, it is dense.

We passed some children swinging on a rope from this tree.  When the tide is in, they can swing out into the ocean.

On evening we were having a farewell party for the mission nurse, Sister Cassita, and who should show up and even sang some fun songs?  The past president of the republic, President Tito.  Though not a member of the Church some of his family is and some of the songs he sang were hymns.  He will be a good friend to the Church.

Another picture of the foliage you see from the road.  We'll stop here for now, having trouble with the internet which is more the case than not.

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