Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Random photos in January

We took some fun photos in the last couple of weeks but not enough of any subject to make a real focused blog.  So here are a few just so you can savor the things we are seeing/experiencing.
Sis Waldron got a few pictures of these pretty birds, called Kiakias.  They are pure white with blue beaks, smooth as silk and seem to fly in pairs.  

They seem kind of like doves but a tad smaller.

Especially tricky to catch on the wing.  Good job Sis Waldron

This is the best I can do.

Driving home the other night we caught some spectacular sunset scenes.  This one had a lot of fun colors.

This one showed the sun setting through the palms and framed by foliage.

First rainbow we'd seen here.  Rainy season, so you'd think we would see a lot.  Maybe we will see more.

This is a rainbow over the parliament building.  This is where their legislature meets..

Happened to catch this one from the causeway.

Sis Waldron is making a file of pictures of peoples' efforts at landscaping.  "Do what you can with what you have," I always say.

Don't throw away those old lawn chairs.  Great for gardening.

These are the folks from the Humanitarian Dental program, here for three weeks and just doing teeth for anyone who walks in (tons).  L to R Jared, his wife, and her friend.  All dental assistants with the Chisolm Clinic.

R to L Dr. Shields and his wife and in the far back, Dr. Chisolm.  This is a favorite restaurant because it has a covered patio out over the ocean.  Terrific place to have lunch.


  1. Those are fun. I love the full rainbow over the water. Amazing!

  2. Those Kiakia's are so lovely. I'm not sure if that other bird is some kind of chicken or a turkey?

    I like the landscape gardens on the chairs, any solution to not have to bend over to garden is a bonus in my book. :)

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